Expert tips on what to pack for your flight


in one way or another, we find ourselves boarding a plane maybe going on a holiday, a meeting or whatever reason. For those many hours above the ground, you need to keep yourself busy so that at least you don’t get so bored. If you have been in a flight before, you can bear me witness that the feeling that comes with flying through zones of turbulence is terrible. This is why you need to do some intelligent packing before you board that plane. Here are some genius packing tips for your long flight.

1.    A water bottle. Preferably collapsible

To be honest, planes are kind of dry and the little bottles the attendants will supply might be not enough to keep your body hydrated through the hours’ long flight. If it’s possible, have a filter for your bottle. After the security check, you just need to fill the bottle with tap water and you’re good to go. Collapsible bottles are very convenient and they take up very little space in comparison with the normal bottles. To add on to that, a feeling of nausea if common in flights, having water in your pack would be very useful. You know! Just in case!

2.    Carry your charger

Gadgets are the biggest entertainment. With the advancement in technology, we have seen the development of state of the art devices. Starting with phones, tablets, laptops and much more. The list is endless. Before getting into that flight, make sure you have at least your phone. And not just the phone, remember the charger. Don’t assume that your battery life is so good that it will get you to your destination. Having the charger around will be good just in case the phone needs a charger boost.  If you have a laptop around, remember to carry the charger as well.

3.    Personal effects

These include stuff like toothbrushes, toothpaste, towels and wipes. Before you jump into the plane, just make sure you brush your teeth. At least face your destination with a confident smile. Towels would be very important just in case you need to freshen up during the flight. Having some wipes around is also a good addition. If it’s possible, have some wet wipes. During the flight, you might get all sweaty and with a wet wipe, this would be a problem solved.

4.    Have some gifts

Aa gift is a show of courtesy, love and care. Maybe you don’t know this but by blessing someone with a gift, you may have made the biggest impact in their lives. You can carry a gift for the flight attendant as a way of showing them that you appreciate what they do to make sure you are comfortable in the flight. Carry a nice watch, a beautiful scarf, a jewellery case or any other gift that would create an impression of love and appreciation. If you get a good in-flight neighbour, it’s a good gesture to start a conversation and at touch down, bless them with a gift as a way of appreciating good company.


Don’t just hop into a flight without a good plan. You don’t want to get bored or inconvenienced while up in the skies. The best option is to have a checklist that you can use while packing. And most importantly, don’t forget a gift for the flight attendant.




A Brief About Parkinson’s Disease


Parkinson’s disease basically is one of the neurological disorders that disorients the motion coordinator section of the brain. It adversely affects the patient’s body by making their muscles become rigid thereby hindering the ease of movements of such patients. With difficulty in movements, such patients tends to spend unnecessary lengthy duration in undertaking simple tasks that may include feeding themselves and wearing socks. Most evidently, such patients always experience involuntary tremors in their lips,limbs and jaws. The disease also makes it impossible for the patients to balance when walking


Causative factors for Parkinson’s disease


A number of factors such as Age, Hereditary, Exposure to toxins and Sex plays a key role in determining the more or less likeliness of an individual contracting the disease. For instance,Males are more likely to contract the disease as compared to the females. It is also know to be an old age disease making individuals who are above sixty to be more vulnerable. In addition it is more a genetic disease and hence members of families with such medical records are more likely to contract it. Exposure to certain harmful substances like pesticides can also trigger it.

Best feeding cutlers for Parkinson’s patients

For those who have once closely lived with patients diagnosed with this disease will definitely tell you that the patient’s limbs are ever trembling. With this in mind, feeding for such patients is a cumbersome activity. Most of the times, their shaking always leads to them spilling their food all over. Going with such patients to ordinary restaurants also becomes a problem because most restaurants cutlers are never designed in a manner that is friendly to such patients. With this in mind, does it means that there are best spoons for such patients? Yes there are! Weighted spoons are the most recommended by Physicians as their weight tends to stabilize the spoons and their content as they move when the patient is eating. This also applies all other cutlers such as forks used by these patients.

With technological advancement, smart spoons have been developed to facilitate the feeding of Parkinson’s patients. These special spoons are based on two modifications which are; being weighted to offer a more firm grip and them containing gyroscope which is simply an auto-rotate that serves to automatically offer the spoon some stability depending on the patient’s movement.

Samples of Already Existing Parkinson’s Spoons


When searching for a Parkinson’s spoon for your Parkinson’s patient, you are most likely to come across the above four Parkinson’s spoons:

1. Gyenno steady Parkinson’s silverware


This magical spoon is believed to be capable of reducing tremors by 85 %. With this spoon, your patient is guaranteed to eat with a lot of ease throughout the day when completely charged. Some of its most fascinating features include:

  • Having an ergonomic design which offers a more comfortable grip
  • Having a metal-grade silicon handle which prolongs its durability.
  • Complying with all the FDA set regulations.





  • It has a dual spoon and fork attachment.
  • Manufactured with a pharmacy grade silicone which is antibacterial which has qualified for FDA regulations.
  • Its environmental friendly having an automatic timeout power saving quality.
  • Proven to be capable of reducing tremors by 85 %
  • Offers a comfortable grip as it comes with an ergonomic




  • When exposed to heavy usage, it’s handle may break
  • Very expensive
  • Unreliable as a number of patients complains of it defaulting after regular usage.

2.         Liftware Parkinson’s spoon


Its main distinction with the gyenno spoon is that it is a triple pact as it comes with a fork, a standard spoon and a soup spoon. It makes use of a gyroscopic sensor to lead the food to the direction of the mouth.



  • It has a 70% tremor reduction effect
  • Saves patients the embarrassment of taking their meals in public
  • Has a gyro metric sensor for automatic balance.



  • It’s very expensive

3.         Vive Weighted Parkinson’s spoon


This is a quadro-pact Parkinson’s spoon which is capable of reducing tremors and giving comfort to Parkinson’s patients when eating. On reducing tremors, it is less effective than gyenno spoons.



  • Capable of minimizing tremors as it has a weighted head.
  • Has a ribbed handle for maximum grip.



  • Its handle is a little bit brittle.

4.         Sammons Preston Weighted Spoon


This is a more pocket friendly option for Parkinson’s patients. Its handle is composed of a non-slip plastic material which offers a more comfortable grip.



  • Its stainless-steel head makes it safer for dishwasher
  • It has a more comfortable and firm grip as it comes with a non-slip plastic handle.



  • Unfavorable for patients with weaker grip
  • Very heavy for an average Parkinson’s patient.















































There is no such sad feeling for one to get to that point in their life where they can not do a lot of thing for themselves and so they have to depend on other people to assist them out. Most so when it comes to the problem of reaching down there it makes one to feel really embarrassed as somebody else has to come and do the cleaning for them.

So as to assist people with such difficulties to enable them to clean or wipe themselves, we came up by a list of different bottom wiping aids and a guide on how they are used, how to clean and store them and finally, their advantages and few disadvantages. You do not have to face it rough anymore as we got you covered and so read along for the best help we are offering to you;


This is a type of personal hygiene aid that was made to assist those who find it difficult in reaching their butt to be able to do so and clean themselves with ease without even depending on anyone to help them.


Given that it is a tool mounted on a feather weight long handle that can easily be extended, enables the user to reach their butt with ease and they can easily wipe their butt after having helped themselves in the toilet .


These type of tool promotes in that with the help of its recessed serration, it is able to grip off the dirty tissue paper or wipe that has been used in the toilet thus saving the user the hustle of having to touch it again with his or her bare hands and throw it away.


Most of its users have found it to be a hygienic and simple wiping aid tool that is easy to use. It cleans properly with no pressure and leaves one feeling clean and smelling so fresh.


This tool is just an answered prayer to the so many people who have really been facing it quite hard to clean themselves in those sensitive areas. It has been made to assist such people to be able to reach and clean perfectly with ease.


When one wants to wipe and clean up themselves, they just unfold it and then wipe themselves using the tool from the front going backwards.


It is easy to use as its length can be extended by first unfolding it and then extending the all of it to one’s preferred length so long as it can assist them reach their butt without straining themselves.


It is easily portable whenever one wants to travel or in case of any minimal movements as it is a tool that can be folded into three smaller pieces and then carried in its bag which it comes with when bought so as to assist in carrying and storage.


It has assisted the people with minimum mobility to be able to clean themselves properly after visiting the toilet. It has reduced their stress when they are traveling as they are now assured of a wiping aid that will assist them clean up and also the tool does not require too much space for storage as it can be folded. It has been found to be an easy to use wiping aid tool that can be recommended to other people with minimum mobility for them to also get help.


This is a unique, flexible and smooth headed tool that assist the user to reach down there with a lot of ease and also on their own without them having to count on anyone for help.


It is a long tool thus it reaches the perineal area where it cleans it perfectly and it can work with both the tissue paper or the moistened wet wipes depending on the preference of the user.


It is a user friendly tool because of its soft head which does not irritate the user’s skin. It is a hygienic and secure wiping aid tool that is easy and also very comfortable to use.


So many people have defined this type of tool as an answer to all their toileting problems as it has enabled them to reach their perineal area and clean it with ease. Many are now referring to it as a hygiene friendly tool because they are now able to maintain high level of personal hygiene without  any pressure at all and this has made them to be very happy people. It has also promoted their independence as they are now able to wipe and clean up themselves without begging for help from others.


This is another type of tool that has been made mainly to assist the old people and also those with minimum mobility to reach their butts without having to twist or strain their body.


It has been made In a way that it strongly holds on to the tissue paper or wet wipe, depending on what has been used, stretches to the perineal area without straining the user and cleaning it properly.


Just as its name suggests, it is a pocket friendly tool as it is affordable. It helps promote high level of personal hygiene by the help of its mechanism which assists in releasing the dirty gripped tissue paper or wet wipe in the toilet thus saving the user from having to touch it with their hands.


It is easy to use and wipes cleanly without irritating the skin. It promotes high level of personal hygiene. Its stability that is caused by its rubber hand has made it possible for the tool to firmly grip off the dirty tissue paper or wet wipes and as all users do yearn for, it has given them freedom by making it easier for them to clean and wipe by themselves.


They are to be cleaned using soap and water then dried and stored in a dust free area.